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 Our "Custom Keychains" are a unique option for a more personal touch with our custom engravings. These keychains come in 6 colors: Black, Navy, Teal, Khaki, Aqua Plaid, Navy/Red/White. Custom engraving keychains start with a minimum of 25 and can be ordered up to a quantity of 200 - we will not process any custom orders under our minimum quantity of 25. These orders can be ordered in a variety of our color options, in fact, we encourage our customers to play with our color selections to allow for more options! This can look like:


Ex. Black (10), Navy (10), Khaki (5), Teal (5), Aqua Plaid (5), Navy/Red/White (5) 


We have offered some custom engraving samples that we have created in the past to hopefully inspire your next idea!

Custom Keychain

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